Prince of Mesopotamia, 1924

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Alice McKee CUMMING 
1890 - 1965

Alice McKee was born in Stuart, Iowa on March 6, 1890. After graduating from Iowa State University, Alice enrolled at the Cumming School of Art in Des Moines and in 1926 married her instructor, Charles A. Cumming. Upon moving to California in 1927, she and her husband settled in San Diego. Returning to Des Moines in 1931, she operated her husband’s school until 1954. Upon retirement, she moved to Paradise Valley, Arizona where she remained until her death on March 16, 1965. Her work includes portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. Member: Iowa Art Guild; Society for Sanity in Art; American Artists Professional League. Exhibited: Iowa State Fair, 1923; San Diego Fine Art Gallery, 1927; Society for Sanity in Art, 1941. Works held: Des Moines Women's Club; Iowa Historical Gallery.

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